Bible Studies for Adults – 2017 Q3 – God of Grace / Dios de Gracia


Adult bible study exploring “Compassionate in Service,” “United in Fellowship,” and “Passionate in Worship” points of the ten-point vision.



From the introduction:

“Believing that “If better is ever possible, good is never enough,” the leadership of the General Conference has carefully articulated a vision for its bright and hopeful future. Known as the Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church, it is composed of the following ten components:

  • Christ Centered
  • Spirit Formed
  • Bible Based
  • Sabbath Celebrating
  • Distinct Yet Inclusive
  • Passionate in Worship
  • Compassionate in Service
  • Engaging in Witness
  • United in Fellowship
  • Committed to Discipleship

This series of lessons is part of a concerted effort to transform this vision into reality.” …

“This quarterly celebrates the God of grace who, through Christ, restores the brokenness of creation by redeeming a people for Himself, a people who believe they’ve been saved to serve others, that their communion with God must be tangibly expressed in their communion with one another, and that their highest priority is to worship God.”

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