The General Conference, Church of God (Seventh Day), is a family of more than 200 local congregations scattered across the United States and Canada. Through its International Ministerial Congress, the Church of God (Seventh Day) is a global church, connecting 300,000 members around the world.  Begun in the mid-1800’s, this church remains committed to the centrality of Christ, the authority of Scripture, and the truth of the Sabbath, among other distinctives. Its denominational headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.


MOur mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, introduce others to the Lord, teach them to obey His Word, and nurture spiritual growth in all believers.


IWe are a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ who are bound together and find unique identity in our combined commitment to the written Word of God as our sole authority for belief and practice, to our distinctive doctrines, and to one another as a General Conference of members and congregations.


POur purpose is to provide training, services, resources, and materials to assist congregations and members accomplish the Mission.



The Picture of a Vibrant 21st Century Church

  • Christ Centered
  • Spirit Formed
  • Bible Based
  • Sabbath Celebrating
  • Distinct, Yet Inclusive
  • Passionate in Worship
  • Compassionate in Service
  • Engaging in Witness
  • United in Fellowship
  • Committed to Discipleship
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Fear of the Lord in Worship

he biblical concept of the fear of the Lord has just about vanished from the church of our day. Church is all about attracting the world, so the goal is to make worship as comfortable as possible for the unchurched. … Continue reading

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True Worship According to Jesus

The identifying mark of true worship is not right location, but right heart attitude. God is Spirit, not material or physical. Our worship of Him must therefore be “in spirit,” meaning from our inner being; not outwardly in external conformity to religious ritual. Continue reading

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Music and Worship

Worship isn’t music. That is to say, music is not a foundational element of worship; one can worship without it. But music plays an integral role in private and corporate worship; it can assist and enhance it. Continue reading

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