Back to Basics

The Risen Life church in Midland, Texas, hosted the Area 6 Super Sabbath events beginning Friday, December 27, and ending on the Sabbath. Several speakers (Beto Lopez, Benjamin Sanchez, Ruben Beard, and Esau Hernandez) spoke on the theme “Back to Basics.” They called on the church to return to Bible principles in their own lives first, then in their families and communities.
During both days, worship teams from El Paso churches (Tigua and Tree of Life) ushered us into the presence of the Lord. The Marriage Ministry presented and prayed for the Area 6 representatives, Florenzo and Claudia Hernandez. SWD Media Ministries gave a presentation and provided resources for the brethren in the area. Children and youth attended classes, workshops, and worship services presented by the Albuquerque church. Fellowship, praise specials from the churches, and worship were the major ingredients of this blessed event.

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