Focusing on Our Future

As we prepared for the challenges of another decade, our FYC and Seekers leaders looked to the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm. They expressed this sentiment while pouring out their energies and love, realizing that the Great Commission begins at home.
Much time and effort was spent over months in preparing youth for Youth Sabbath, hosted by the Calgary congregation. The youngsters came from various congregations to lead our Sabbath school, teach the lessons, conduct the worship services, present a sermonette, and exhort us to “Answer the Call.”
As a reward for their yearlong preparation as the next generation of Church leaders, the youth held a winter camp-in December 21, hosted by the Acme congregation. Their enthusiasm and energies could not be checked while they fellowshipped through music, games, and an assortment of camping getups. We praised God for the fun-filled time for our district’s youth.
We are encouraged in the challenges of another year, comforted that our youth have found a place of belonging within our congregations.

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