NAMC Report

The meeting of the General Conference’s Ministerial Council was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 17-22, 2018. We experienced a wonderful time of worship, instruction in God’s Word, application of the Great Commission, and fellowship. We are grateful to the local congregation in Albuquerque for working with us on the evangelistic event that took place on Thursday and Saturday evenings during the week of our meeting. We pray the seeds planted at our meeting will bring forth much fruit and expand the kingdom of Christ. Special thanks to our brother, Moises Capetillo, and the leadership team that surrounds him for allowing us to come alongside them in this effort.

The presenters and speakers during this council meeting challenged our thinking and gave us new insights for our continued journey toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. I thank them for their time and devotion to the assignment given them as they allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them in speaking to us.

The 2018 meeting of our council took the following actions:

  1. Received the reports from the License and Credentials Committee, the Study Committee on Human Sexuality, and the Study Committee on the Role of Women.
  2. Adopted amendments to the council’s Bylaws and Standing Rules, including the Documentation Manual (Resolutions MC 2018-01 – MC 2018-09).
  3. Adopted a resolution to add three chapters to the published volume titled Sex: Created, Fallen, and Redeemed (Resolution MC 2018-12). The three chapters added are
    1. Male and Female – Created in God’s Image
    2. D, Human Sexuality, and Gender Dysphoria
    3. Christian and Single
  4. Adopted a resolution instructing our council president to appoint a study committee on the old and new covenants (Resolution MC 2018-15).
  5. Elected the following officers to a two-year term on the Executive Committee: Daniel Flores, council president; Wayne Hrenyk, council vice president; Monico Muffley, council secretary.
  6. Elected the following members to a four-year term on the License and Credentials Committee: Jhabel Chagallon, John Lemley, Noe Reyes (the following members make up the remaining positions on the L and CC: Steve Kyner, Ken Lawson, Monico Muffley).
  7. Elected the following members to a two-year term on the Nominating Committee: Joe Corrales, Gerson Gonzalez, David Lozano.

It was announced our next meeting will be October 12-17, 2020, at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott, 2395 Progress Drive, Hebron, Kentucky 41048.

This meeting ended my service as council president. It was a privilege to serve for these past four years, and I am grateful for the confidence and cooperation of council members during my tenure. I am particularly grateful to the members who served alongside me on the Executive Committee and the other committees of our council. Our event coordinator, Dennis O’Banion, has been an indispensable asset to facilitate the many things necessary to select venues for our meeting and to coordinate logistics onsite during each meeting. The members of the Denver office staff, including the custodian of records, were equally indispensable.

Our ministers and other attendees left our 2018 meeting encouraged to transform our vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church into reality.

Your brother in Christ,

Samuel Holland


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