Jun 17-18

Dallas, TX

Aug 11-12

Wisconsin Family Camp

Training officially begins Jan 1, 2023

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Apr 30

Chicago, IL

May 7

Lodi, CA

May 14

Denver, CO

Jun 17-18

Houston, TX

Aug 5-6

Jasper, AR


Moises Capetillo

Moises Capetillo born in Houston, Texas, has served in the church for several years in various roles, beginning in the church in Houston, Texas. A recent graduate of Artios Christian College, he now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he serves as the Senior Pastor of the Church of God 7th Day alongside his wife Victoria, and six children.


Pete Capetillo

Pete Capetillo Jr serves as the Administration Lead of the Albuquerque Church of God where he has resided for 15+ years. Originally from Houston, Texas. Brother Peter has served in our church faithfully in many roles, from church board to music ministry. He is joined in ministry by his wife, Claudia, and four children.