How to Change Your Credit Card

Here are the steps to changing the credit card information for your standing orders.

Note: These instructions are for customers who have already created a standing order on our online store and wish to use a different credit card than the one they originally entered.  If you wish to create a new standing order, click this link for instructions: .

  1. Go to the CoG7 online store (at
  2. Scroll to the bottom and enter your login information if prompted.  (Note:  Your password was created when you first made your standing order.  If you don’t remember it, use the “Lost your password” link, and a message will be sent to your e-mail on how to reset your password.)
  3. Click the “Subscriptions” Link.  (If you have more than one subscription, you will need to repeat the following steps for each subscription.)
  4. Click the “View” button on the relevant subscription.
  5. Click the “Change Payment” button. (blue)
  6. To change the payment method:
    1. Select the Credit Card you wish to use from the list.
    2. If you wish to add a new credit card, click the “Use New Card” option and fill in the relevant information.
    3. Click the “Change Payment Method” button.
  7. To delete a payment method:
    1. Click “Manage Payment Methods.”
    2. Click the “Delete” button on the payment method you wish to remove.